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My credentials as an editor and translator

[beyond that set out under About me:]

I am a member of the German Association of Freelance Copy Editors (VFLL).

My (German-language) profile in the VFLL database can be accessed here.

In addition, I am a member of the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ).

My (German-language) profile in the BDÜ database can be accessed here.

Language and communication have always been at the heart of my professional activity.

I have accumulated many years of professional work experience dealing with tax law in a global company. Opinions, reports, memos, presentations, technical papers, product leaflets, newsletters, and communication with clients, business associates as well as internal and external colleagues were my stock-in-trade — just like translating fact patterns, assessments and information: both linguistically and culturally, as well as both into German and from German.

In addition, I have multifaceted practical work experience in additional fields:

  • Foreign languages and technical translations (among others longtime transaction experience as an advisor in English, legal work at the International Criminal Court in French, and translation of all the sources of my doctoral thesis from English, Spanish, and French into German);
  • Scholarly work and projects (especially in the framework of my legal studies and doctoral thesis; notably in the areas of public international law, international law, human rights, and international criminal law);
  • Journalism, press and public relations work (among others military service in a press department of the German armed forces, and activity as a freelance local journalist); and
  • Layout design (school magazine, law school Foreign LL.M. Yearbook, private and business website as well as contribution to marketing material and market appearance of our consulting firm).

In the framework of all those experiences, I have authored a great number of texts with different profiles, volumes, styles, and target audiences. I have also revised or edited similar texts written by others.